by Mar 6, 2019


Truffles are underground mushrooms (hypogea), which live in symbiosis (association) with certain tree plants, are subdivided into many species but the most important truffles belong to the Tuber genus.


The truffle in the outer part consists of a rind that takes the name of the peridium, which varies its consistency and color to the variation of the species. The main feature is its scent that is felt even meters away, it is a special and difficult to describe. The internal aspect of the truffle is characterized by veins, this part is called Gleba. The truffle is the fruit of the mycelium which consists of filaments joined to the root of the plant. The difference of the different species of truffles is based on the shape, size, color, ornamentation of the peridium, on the appearance of the gleba, on the scent and on the taste. In Italy, about ten truffle species are collected.


  • WHITE TRUFFLE (Tuber Magnatum Pico)
    It has smooth, pale yellow rind with shades tending to green or brown, a more or less tenuous hazelnut pulp, sometimes tinged with red or pink. It gives off an intense pleasant scent. Mature from September to December.
  • TARTUFO NERO PREGIATO (Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini) 

    It has a wrinkled black rind with small warts, a black pulp with violet reflections and thin white veins, a pleasant scent. Mature from November to March.


    It has smooth peel of grey or light brown color, light hazelnut pulp shaded with violet, gray circular ramified veins, intense garlic scent. Mature from January to April.

  • TARTUFO SCORZONE ESTIVO (Tuber Aestivum Vittadini)

    Peel with large pyramidal warts, gray color tending to black, the gleba varies from dirty white to bronzed brown, very often an indication of the degree of ripeness or period of it, the scent is weak if ripened since June, a little more intense and pleasant if accrued from the end of July until October.

  • TARTUFO UNCINATO (Tuber Uncinatum)

    It has peel with large pyramid-shaped warts, of black color, light brown flesh and branched hazelnut veins. Pleasant and delicate perfume. Mature from October to January.

  • TARTUFO MOSCATO (Tuber Brumale)

    With its black and wrinkled peel, if rubbed it is easily removed, dark brown flesh with wide white veins.
    The particular aroma tending to the garlic with a spicy flavor, mature from January to March. Uncultivated fields are the usual habitat.