“Andar per Tartufi” is a family business and the fact of working in complicity every day without losing strength and scrupulousness for details, makes us unique in our field ..

We are a large family, made up of five people, all of whom, more or less, contribute to the business. Our passion for truffles start  in 2011 when we bought our first dog and started to train him. From then every year we tried, we still try, to grow and offer always something more: year after year our family has expanded with the arrival of a dog every year (for us every dog ​​is part of the family). So after several tests, a bit ‘in jest and a bit’ out of necessity, we went into this reality that we knew only partially. Now, after a few years of experience, we try to offer new activities and experiences and transmit our passion to all the people we meet and to give them the memory of an unforgettable experience. What can you expect from us? Andar per Tartufi offers the opportunity to touch a very valuable product just picked up (the white truffle or the black truffle) and you can bring home an expanded cultural baggage on the traditions, culture and history of Piedmont. Our company will try to transmit the passion for truffles and good food, and will reveal some small secrets and goodies of collection and above all of training the faithful truffle dog.

New for 2017

From 2017 it is possible to visit our biological saffron plantation with the possibility to experience the harvesting, skimming and drying in special machinery. To this experience we can add the cooking-class, a cooking school where our cook can teach you simple but very successful recipes of our centenary tradition. To finish off, a lunch based on Piemontese gastronomic specialties, where you can taste the dishes prepared before!

New for 2019

New dining rooms in the trifulau farmhouse!