by Mar 6, 2019

“Andar per Tartufi” is a family business, we work in complicity every day without ever losing vigor and scrupulousness for details and that makes us unique in our field ..

Our company has been involved in Truffle Search with groups of tourist from different countries since 2013.

when we start “investing” in a territory that still has a lot to offer: from the artistic and architectural beauties of different eras, to breathtaking views of deep wooded valleys, where with our faithful four-legged friends we have the privilege of finding the truffle.

We have tried, from the very beginning, to offer an authentic and personalized experience that is based on the needs of our customers. Every year we try to renew ourselves and propose something different, putting ourselves all on the line!

In 2016 the Agricultural Company was born, an appendix of Andar per Tartufi, also subject to continuous evolution: from the zafferaneto (saffron field)and the beehives for the production of honey to a large vegetable garden, which today plays a fundamental role in supplying raw materials of high quality and km0 to our cook, as well as mother Claudia, who prepares the typical dishes of Piedmontese cuisine with care and passion offered in the Agriturismo.

During 2020 we have created a line of artisanal products in jars, from Truffle Cream, to Bagna Caoda and appetizers, to allow our customers to bring home a part of Piedmont!

What do we offer?

Andar per Tartufi offers the possibility of touching a very precious product that has just been harvested (the white truffle of Alba or the black truffle). You will be able to take home an expanded cultural baggage regarding the traditions, culture and history of Piedmont.
Our company will try to convey to you the passion for truffles and good food, and will reveal some small secrets and gems of harvesting and above all of training the faithful truffle dog.