by Mar 6, 2019

Guided tour in search of truffles

Guided tours with “Andar per Tartufi” will take place after telephone arrangement.

You will be accompanied by one of our seekers and by the flair of their trustworthy dog ​​to discover new places and scents … The tour will takes place in an adventurous knowledge of everything that revolves around the “Truffle” world: from myths to legends, and then again the training of the dog and the little secrets of the “trifulau” – which in dialect means “seeker of truffles ”-.

This activity is suitable for groups of all ages, the seeker will advise you on the most suitable route for you!
During guided tours it is recommended to wear suitable clothing and comfortable shoes as you will be accompanied on easy trails in the open countryside.

Some details and useful information about our visits guide:



We have the possibility to guide you in very different areas:
in the valley, humid and more inaccessible places whose soil is particularly suitable for the birth of the famous White Truffle; in oak and hazel groves, areas more easily accessible even by large groups and without great walking difficulties.

Usually the search is based on the Summer or Winter Black Truffle, with an intense but at the same time more delicate scent than the White Truffle, which can be found from October to December.

DURATION: 1h and 15 min/ 1h and 30 min
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This activity has a very precise periodicity that goes from October to December and requires suitable clothing, since the research sites are more inaccessible and the walk longer.

DURATION: 2h/2h and 30 min
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CLOTHES: for both activities we recommend sneakers or trekking shoes. We can put rain boots  and canes at your disposal to help you walk.

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