by Mar 6, 2019

Truffle research

In the search for truffles with “Andar per Tartufi” you will be accompanied by our seeker and his inseparable dog in search of this treasure hidden in the bush, in our marly and calcareous land.

The research will start with a small general explanation about the vast world of truffles: its different types, the different types of research with the dog or the pig, the training methods and the regulations in force.
Then we will go into the woods (we have several places to look for: some more challenging, suitable for people who like to walk and are equipped appropriately, others easier and comfortable, for children and the elderly so that everyone can enjoy this wonderful adventure!) Where, if we are lucky , we will find a nice prey!

Some details and useful information for our guided tours:

Duration of the visit: 2 hours.
Hours: at the customer’s choice.
Clothing: comfortable shoes, sportswear or in any case suitable for a short excursion in the countryside.
Details: guided tour with direct experience of truffle research, with the possibility of accompanying the dog in meticulous research, always accompanied by the Trifulao.
Our “tabui” (the dogs trained in the search for truffles) are: Willy, Edvige, Alba, Mia, Kira  and Teo.
Trifulao meal: you can also add to the guided tour the “typical meal of Trifulao”, which includes typical local products accompanied by local wines. The Trifulao meal can be consumed in the woods or in a typical farmhouse immersed in the memories and traditions of the place.

Costs: until 4 people € 105 in total | from 4 to 15 people € 25 per person. For groups and groups the price can be arranged by phone
Guided research of Langhe and Roero truffles.



At the end of the search for truffles you can end the experience with a tasting of typical products, accompanied by a good glass of local Barbera wine.
The menu includes several tastings: croutons with Black Truffle Butter and cream with White Truffle, artisan salami and breadsticks “Rubatà”, Robiola d’Alba – traditional fresh cheese with a delicate taste – with sliced ​​or grated Black Truffle, Toma Piemontese with honey with truffles and honey from our production, toasted bread with Bagna Caoda (a warm sauce made with garlic, anchovies and oil) and Robiola d’Alba with sweet and chilly peppers jam of our production, water and wine from Roero.
The location for this moment is usually a convivial point of view, from which to enjoy a magnificent view of the hills, or a small rural house called “ciabot”, nestled in the woods.
While in case of bad weather we will have the opportunity to take shelter in our tasting rooms in an old farmhouse.

TASTING COST: € 13 per person.
DURATION: 30 min


Here you will have the opportunity to learn, with the help of our cook, the culinary secrets and recipes of traditional Piedmontese dishes. You can prepare fresh pasta yourself, the famous Tajarin, which goes well with truffles! Perfect experience to share with friends and relatives … impossible to resist!!
Price: € 25 per person



Saffron..harvest .. drying

This is a very special and exclusive experience: this activity only involves a small part of the year which includes the period from October 15th to the end of November. You will be accompanied in our biological saffron field where you can, under the precise advice of our experts, collect the flowers and then harvest them (remove the precious pistils from the flower) and then place them on the gratings ready for drying.
Price: It depends on the number of people




Experience the world of truffles with the traditional Piedmontese lunch, through the use of the five senses …
A convivial and shared moment of culinary knowledge, in a typical place called “ciabot”.
The “ciabot” is a rural cottage that, since the time of our great-grandparents, came as a shelter from the summer storms or as a shelter for lunch during the work in the fields. Today, thanks to a meticulous renovation, it can be used as a location for authentic experiences.

(This place is not equipped with toilet facilities)


Nothing better than a lunch in a typical farmhouse 200 years old, restored to meet all the different needs ..
This farmhouse was born as “the home of the seeker”, a rural environment rich in history and tradition.

The menu proposed by our cook includes:
– aperitif with homemade truffle products and Barbera wine salami
– peppers baked in the oven with a delicate parsley and tuna sauce/ or      bagna caoda/ thistle flan with bagna caoda
– Valerian salad, Robiola d’Alba and black truffle / vol-au-vent with       Raschera fondue and black truffle
– tajarin with black or white truffle
– egg with black or white truffle
– bunet (cocoa and amaretto pudding, cooked in the oven) / vanilla panna cotta with raspberry coulisse
– water, bread and bread sticks, Barbera wine and coffee

COST LUNCH IN VILLA (black truffle): 48€ per person.
COST LUNCH IN CIABOT (black truffle): contact us for more info

! Cost of the lunch with white truffle may vary depending on the year.. for further information contact us!

Wifi available and dogs are welcome!

The Agri Picnic is the simplest and most genuine way to spend free time with family and friends, in locations immersed in the nature of the Roero like our little “Ciabot”: rural houses used in the past as a tool shed and shelter
from summer storms, now refurbished with restorations that have maintained their rustic style.

The menu consist in a selection of local products.

Picnic basket for adults:
– goat cheeses of various ages from Az. Agricola Fratelli Pertusio;
– Bergera salad (celery, Toma and walnuts);
– seasonal omelettes;
– local cockerel salad with seasonal vegetables;
– tart with homemade apricot jam;
– artisan bread and water;
– 1 bottle of Roero Arneis or Barbera d’Alba for every 4 people.

Children’s picnic basket:
– selection of cold cuts;
– artisan bread;
– sweet and fruit;
– a drink and water.

Adult basket price: €27 per person.
Child basket price: €15 per person.