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During the guided search in addition to discover the precious secrets of trifulao, you will learn the various species of truffles, you will have the opportunity to accompany the dog in his meticulous research.

The guided search of truffles with "Andar per Truffles" may be made by telephone arrangement. Please wear appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes because you will be accompanied on easy paths in open country.

Some details and useful information for our tours:

  • Length of visit:2 hours.
  • Opening hours: chosen by the client.
  • Wear: comfortable shoes, sportswear or otherwise suitable for a short hike in the countryside.
  • Details: guided tour with direct experience of truffle hunting, with the possibility to accompany the dog in meticulous research, always accompanied by trifulao. Our "tabui" (trained dogs in search of truffles) are: Willy, Stella and Balin
  • Tafel trifulao: You can add a guided tour also "typical snack of trifulao," which includes local products and local wines. The snack of trifulao can be consumed in the woods or in a typical farmhouse immersed in the memories and traditions of the place.
  • Costs:
  • - € 70.00 until 4 people
  • - from 5 to 10 persons € 15,00 pax
  • - the price for groups can be arranged by email.

Discover the emotion of the search for truffles

Discover the emotion of the search for truffles


  • The most important secrets of trifulao, handed down from generation to generation, will be revealed during our visits.
  • Discover all the details of the search for truffles with Visiting Truffles.

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Andar per Tartufi, visite guidate alla ricerca del tartufo in Langa e Roero

Today you can savor the moment of research thanks to two passionate trifulao that will take you along with their dogs inseparable: Lady, William and Stella in the search sites.


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Tel. +39 349 385 74 77 - +39 340 839 85 19 - +39 0173 97 61 08
p.i.: 02478560044

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