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Tartufi di Langhe e Roero

Truffles are underground mushrooms (underground), which live in symbiosis (association) with certain woody plants, are divided into many species, but the most important truffles belong to the genus of Tuber.

The truffle in the external part is constituted by a peel that takes the name of peridio, which changes its texture and color to vary the species. The main feature is its scent which is also heard in meters, it is a 'special flavor and hard to describe. The internal aspect of the nose is characterized by veining, this part is called Gleba. The nose is the fruit of the mycelium which consists of filaments united at the root of the plant.
The difference of the different species of truffles is based on the shape, size, color, ornamentation on the rind, the appearance of the glebe, on the scent and flavor. In Italy you collect a dozen species of truffle, among these the most valuable is the Pico Tuber Magnum (white truffle of Alba or 'Acqualagna or white truffle), which has always maintained its leadership in the market that is on the table. Follow the Tuber melanosporum Vittadini (black truffle or Spoleto or prized black) that today in Italy has not yet been appreciated as it deserves, the Tuber Borchii Vittadini (Bianchetto or Marzuolo), Tuber aestivum Vittadini (Scorzone) with the Uncinatum today reported its diversity as a species in the Italian law, the Tuber Brumale Vittadini (Winter truffle) with its variety Moscatum Ferry and the fragrant and tasty Tuber Macrosporum Vittadini (black smooth).

Discover the emotion of the search for truffles

Discover the emotion of the search for truffles


  • The most important secrets of trifulao, handed down from generation to generation, will be revealed during our visits.
  • Discover all the details of the search for truffles with Visiting Truffles.

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Andar per Tartufi, visite guidate alla ricerca del tartufo in Langa e Roero

Today you can savor the moment of research thanks to two passionate trifulao that will take you along with their dogs inseparable: Lady, William and Stella in the search sites.


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