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Truffles are underground mushrooms, living in symbiosis with certain woody plants, are divided into many species, but the most important truffles belong to the genus of Tuber.

-WHITE TRUFFLE (Tuber Magnatum Pico)
He peel smooth, pale yellow in color with shades of greenish or brown, hazel pulp more or less pale, sometimes tinged with red or pink. It gives off a pleasant scent. Ripens from September to December.

-BLACK TRUFFLE (Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini)
He wrinkled peel black with small warts, pulp black with violet and white veins thin, pleasant aroma. Ripens from November to March.

He peel smooth gray or light brown, light brown flesh tinged with purple, gray veins branched circular, intense garlicky. Mature from January to April.

-SCORZONE SUMMER TRUFFLES (Tuber Aestivum Vittadini)
Scorza pyramidal warts, big, gray, almost black, the glebe varies from dirty white to brown bronzed, very often an indication of the degree of maturity or period of it, the smell is weak if matured in June, a little 'more intense and pleasant if accrued by the end of July until October.

-Uncinatum UNCINATUM TRUFFLE(Tuber Uncinatum)
He peel with large warts pyramid-shaped, black, light brown pulp and brown veins branching. Pleasant fragrance delicate. Ripens from October to January.

-TRUFFLE MUSCAT (Tuber Brumale)
He wrinkled peel, black comes off easily when rubbed, small warts, flesh dark brown with broad veins Biache, its size is quite small peculiar smell tending all'agliaceo with spicy flavor, ripens from January to March. The usual habitat fallow fields.

Discover the emotion of the search for truffles

Discover the emotion of the search for truffles


  • The most important secrets of trifulao, handed down from generation to generation, will be revealed during our visits.
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