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A section with a few recipes with truffles. Some tips for the use of the valuable product in the kitchen from appetizers to side dishes.

Given the cost, the truffle is an 'ingredient alone "ennobles" every dish and makes it also suitable for important occasions. The white truffle is undoubtedly a delicacy, unfortunately for the price not quite the scope which limits its use. Precisely for this reason it is important to be able to choose ...

The two most important requirements in its choice of Truffles are:
- THE SCENT:the truffle should be scented: the truffle scent!
- CONSISTENCY: It must be hard and not chewy.
The moment of truth has, however, at the time of cutting.

To preserve all the qualities of the white truffle recommend that you leave the air to allow the land, which remains in the pores, to dry so as to be more facilitated in rubbing with a small brush.

Less noble , but definitely more accessible, the black truffle , which often employ to enrich our recipes, it is also the most widely used type of truffle for the preparation of " truffle cream ."


The truffle is a type of fungus, which still has to be consumed within a week of collection. If you have more truffles to be kept in the fridge wash, dry and wrap them individually in tearing of paper towels that will replace as they become damp . Then put them in a jar sealed tin or the strong smell will spread to all of the food in the fridge and take all the taste and smell of truffles.

However, if you intend to keep them for a long time will freeze them whole after it is washed by rubbing with a brush to remove excess soil remaining in the pores of the rind (zest ) and do them in the freezer after they are wrapped in aluminum foil .

Truffles can be frozen in vacuum or ground form of a sauce with olive oil, salt and garlic and store in jars or tubs close after freezing to prevent breakage . You can also store them in the form of sauce after they are boiled , but lose flavor and aroma.

In the case of frozen whole must then be grated without thawed to avoid becoming soft .

More effective is to melt the butter in a double boiler , mingle grated truffle and fill with the mixture of the jars to store in the freezer , just extract it with a spoon and spread on toasted bread or pour on the boiling pasta . This system is also suitable for the white truffle.

A very ancient custom is to put the truffles dipped in rice in a hermetically sealed jar , after being washed under running water , scrubbing with a brush , and dry them , are preserved for a long time and the rice will be used to a great truffle risotto .

Truffles can also be dried after they are sliced very thin , vacuum-packed or stored in an airtight container , which can then be made soaked in hot water or steam to use.

Discover the emotion of the search for truffles

Discover the emotion of the search for truffles


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