As the race begins, Ichiya says to the fresh new rabbit costumed person to inform you themselves, much so you’re able to everyone’s expectation

In contrast to its condition of your own first day of feel where they certainly were booed, the audience now completely supporting brand new guild and you can brighten into the the fresh People Fairy Tail

As time passes, the brand new meets ups towards the tag competition try raised with Blue Pegasus compared to Quatro Puppy, Lamia Measure compared to Mermaid Back and Fairy End facing Sabertooth. Fairy Tail reorganizes the team-mates and you can step out onto the community towards the race servings, into the fresh people becoming Natsu, Grey, Gajeel, Erza and Laxus. Viewing it regarding the balcony over, Arcadios and you may Darton know Lucy isn’t toward class, Arcadios saying he’s a different plan for stating their particular. Darton, not, starts having doubts.

Immediately following Arcadios will leave, Darton thinks so you’re able to themselves that once on a period, the Huge Wonders Games once went by other term. He covers so you can good mural to the wall portraying an excellent Dragon attacking an effective Mage, prior to bringing-up that games was basically immediately after called the Dragon Queen Festival, which had been a feast of Dragons, human beings and you can demons.

With that, Sting and you will Rogue turn on Light Push and you may Trace Push respectively, ultimately carry on brand new unpleasant, the 2 handling in order to homes a few evident punches and you may relatively acquiring the upper hands ahead of Natsu and you can Gajeel once more beginning to step-in and push them right back

The first level battle begins with Party Blue Pegasus’s Ichiya and you will the fresh strange rabbit-costumed man facing Cluster Quatro Puppy’s Bacchus and you may Rocker. When the cover up happens out-of, it is shown is the latest Surpass off Extalia and you can Ichiya’s Edolas equivalent, Nichiya, brilliant everyone else. Just like victoriahearts avregistrering the a couple Bluish Pegasus members initiate reminiscing regarding their first fulfilling, Bacchus charge send, landing a devastating struck on the Nichiya, and you can slamming him away. Thereupon, the fight becomes 2 to your step 1, and you can, just like the Ichiya are kicked as much as by the his rivals, the guy laments precisely how he pulled a faltering individual including Nichiya towards the which. Thereupon, Ichiya ‘dedicates’ an electrical energy Scent in order to Nichiya, bulks right up, and you will defeats Quatro Canine in one single strike. Having Bluish Pegasus’s win felt like to your earliest battle, next race is actually ranging from People Lamia Scale’s Lyon and Yuka and you may Group Mermaid Heel’s Kagura and you will Millianna, each other communities fighting their finest, but none developing over the top, the battle ending from inside the a draw and you can 5 factors for each and every.

Next endeavor more than, Chapati Lola excitedly declares the past mark struggle to feel between People Fairy Tail’s Natsu and you can Gajeel and you may Class Sabertooth’s Sting and you will Rogue Cheney. Given that competition is going to initiate, Igneel sees, trying to see if new youngsters that Weisslogia and you can Skiadrum increased has actually most surpassed Dragons, or if perhaps it actually was only a blank dream; he statements that with new Dragon Queen Event dealing with, it can in the near future feel time for them to take action. Just like the five Dragon Slayers look one another off, Chapati declares the beginning of the third and latest Level Race during the day.

The brand new Mark Race starts, with many of Fairy Tail professionals supporting their own Dragon Slayers, when you’re Jiemma are confident in Sabertooth’s individual earn. However after gong bands, Pain and you can Rogue find themselves face to face having Natsu and you may Gajeel correspondingly, both Sabertooth Mages seemingly providing a bona-fide overcoming regarding the first few times of your own suits. Frosch, Lector, Chapati Lola plus the audience was stunned to see Sabertooth’s Dragon Slayers getting pressed around therefore easily. Whenever Natsu questions if they extremely were able to beat the Dragon parents with this particular amount of energy, Sting claims which they performed and therefore they now show them the benefit in order to beat Dragons. Since Chapati plus the listeners watch with growing amaze and you will dilemma since Rogue and you will Pain is once again starting to be overpowered, Chapati asks Yajima exactly what the guy believes is being conducted, to which the fresh new ex lover-Magic Council user claims that Twin Dragons are just outmatched. Because the Sabertooth Dragon Slayers not be able to awaken, then they wonder their opponents (along with Jellal and also the Fairy End Guild Benefits) because of the triggering Dragon Push by themselves.